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Fundamentals of Basketball


The focus of this basketball program is to teach each player the basic fundamental skills that are needed to compete successfully in basketball. When players have confidence in their skills, basketball will become more fun and enjoyable for each child involved. This program is available for children 2 years and older.


We make sure that players use proper dribbling skills. That means no carrying the ball, traveling, or double dribbling.


We make sure players follow all of the steps in order to attain the correct shooting form.


We make sure players can successfully execute chest, bounce, and baseball passes.


We make sure that players have good foot work. i.e. always ready to move in all directions at all times.


We make sure players know and understand the importance of teamwork. All of us work better than one of us!


We make sure players are able to compete against each other in random tournaments/scrimmages.


We work with each child to build their confidence, giving them the opportunity to know that they are capable.


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My name is LaTaunya Pollard-Romanazzi. First and foremost, I give all glory and praise to God for the blessings and talent He has given me. I was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana which is where it all started: in the back allies behind my parents’ home, I began shooting hoops in a garbage can, then a bicycle tire rim and finally on to a real basketball goal which was nailed to a telephone pole.

 Supported by my family, friends, teammates and the City of East Chicago, I developed the fundamentals skills necessary to compete on the highest level possible. I played basketball at E.C. Roosevelt High School in Indiana where we won 2 State Championships and had a 4 year…